What is Lists by Design?

Lists by Design is a Chrome extension that can help you be more productive while you browse your favourite sites. When you find a webpage that you'd like to save for later, instead of bookmarking it, you can use Lists by Design. Simply press the Lists by Design icon, and add your item to one of the six, fully customizable, lists. The title and URL of your active tab is added automatically for your convenience, and you can add an option description and/or price to each item. Your lists also sync across each of your Chrome sessions so that you can interact with your lists on all of your compatible devices (sign-in required).


  • Material inspired interface and UI elements
  • Automatically "grabs" your active tab's URL and title for simplicity
  • Up to six fully-customizable lists to organize your information
  • Check-off, re-order, edit, and delete your list entries
  • Your lists sync across your various Chrome sessions (sign-in required)