What is Clicks to Riches?

Clicks to Riches is a clicker/idle game where you embark on a quest for fame and fortune. You start out as a poor beggar making barely enough to survive, and work your way through the ranks during an ancient time. It is an HTML5 game that is currently available in the Chrome Web Store via the link below for only 0.99 cents. If you'd like to use Clicks to Riches for your own website or game marketplace, please contact us via info@digitaldynasty.ca


  • Idle clicker game with multiple stages of play
  • Two 'new game plus' modes that reward the player as they work their way through the game
  • Active and passive play, earn money while you're not even playing!
  • Pay once and play forever, no in app purchases!*
  • No need for an internet connection, play offline!*
  • *features on Chrome Web Store version, other versions may vary