Our Team

Mikhail Karan
Back-End Developer & Co-Founder

McMaster University Software Engineering Technology graduate and Mohawk College Computer Engineering Technology graduate. He has been working in the Software and Technology field for 5 years ranging from backend and frontend web development to computer hardware diagnostics. Specializing in JavaScript, Java, Python and other programming languages as well as customer relations, he will be your first point of contact to start your Digital Dynasty Design experience.
*Can communicate in Russian

Matt Lawrence
Front-End Developer & Co-Founder

Matt Lawrence is our front-end developer, UI/UX designer, and one of the co-founders of Digital Dynasty Design. He is an honours graduate of the Computer Engineering Technology program at Mohawk College and has 4 years of experience in various professional technology-based positions including: enterprise IT, networking, system administration, and front-end development. He also does editorial and technical writing on Digital Dynasty Design's various projects as well as the Berryflow blog.

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